Romit has always been a partner of leading global luxury brands.

It has an innovative and organised structure, which best combines the flexibility of a craftsman's workshop with the ability to handle production peaks of an industrial organisation.

The in-depth knowledge of the footwear trade, combined with consolidated partnerships with leading international fashion houses, enables the Romit team to respond quickly and adequately to all the needs of top brands.

How a Made in Italy shoe is born: a journey of study, sensations and passions

There is an imperceptible boundary between art and craftsmanship: a result achieved with the contribution and experience of skilled hands and brilliant creative minds that, today as yesterday, forge pieces of refined luxury. Making a shoe requires many steps and each of these steps must be performed directly and handcrafted by an expert. A shoe is the sum of multiple processes and professionalism.

Creativity and design

Beginning with research and study of the style, the designer expresses creativity by drawing on paper and then transferring the same ideas to a last, finally selecting the materials, colours and accessories to complete the designs.

Leather cutting

The selection of the highest quality leather is fundamental in the creation of Romit shoes. In the stages beginning with cutting and leading to stitching, the manual skill of the skilled craftsmen plays a crucial role in the high-quality result.

Stitching and lasting the shoe upper

Our workers are the stars of the stitching phase. The individual parts of the upper, after cutting, go to hemming department to be sewn together.

Assembly and application of the shoe bottom

At this point, the upper is tensioned on the shoe last with insole and after assembly, the bottom is applied. Constructions can be declined in 'Needle or Glued' processing - 'Bologna or Bag' processing - 'Tubular' processing - 'Blake' stitched processing - 'Blake-Rapid' stitched processing - 'Goodyear' stitched processing - 'Reverse' processing. Each of them has special characteristics that differentiate the finished product.


At this stage, final operations such as finishing the sole, brushing, antiquing or polishing using creams and wax dyes are performed.

Quality control and packaging

Final testing is carried out by an expert shoemaker who observes every pair of shoes produced in minute detail before giving the final OK. Finally, the packaging, carefully designed for each brand, ensures reliable shipping and eye-catching presentation.

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Special features

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